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    Sorry for the last minute post but its been hectic getting things together. This is Kwame Anku (director of the long-awaited Living Colour DVD) Wanted to let you know that Mr. Will Calhoun will be doing an exclusive presentation at the Apple Store in San Francisco tonight Friday October 28th from 6-8pm. He will be performing and discussing how he uses Apple technology and associated tools to create his magic.

    Will be showing some of the incredible DVD content from his latest CD/DVD project Native Lands as well as some of the newest creations in the last couple of months!

    So if you live in the Bay come on down and show your love.

    Also, I know y’all been fiending for something so make sure you check out this little gem from the LC crew in Argentina.
    ( http://www.nwcmediagroup.com/lcsamplevideos.htm ) YOU WILL NEED QUICKTIME 7 TO VIEW IT. ENJOY AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.


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