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    The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture a podcast with W. Kamau Bell — outspoken comedian, race commentator, and stealth educator — and Vernon Reid — Guitar Legend, Two Time Grammy Award Winner, and founder of Living Colour. We are here to engage in a weekly, freewheeling conversation that covers everything from everything to everything else. It is two black men who have been accused of being outside of the (black) box so long that they have built homes there. Less a traditional podcast and more like a conversation that you overhear in a coffee shop and can’t pull away from. IT also includes previously unreleased music by Vernon Reid and the latest stand-up from W. Kamau Bell.

    Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/field-negro-guide-to-arts/id379399613 or listen here: http://thatfnpod.libsyn.com/

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