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    “We experimented with the chords and the rhythm,” Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish says “Over time, things aligned between our sensibility and take on the song and the concept of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows.’ When Living Colour covers other artists songs, we tend to lean towards songs that might be album versions versus singles. The Beatles classic recording of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ offered a very deep, sonic and spiritual approach. It’s a song that is timeless. The message in that song is as real as the sun and the moon – I believe every moment you have now is a blessing.”

    The Howard Stern Show’s Tribute to the Beatles’ “Revolver” airs Friday Oct. 7 on Howard 101: https://goo.gl/eKkZCR

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    Will Calhoun discusses SHADE and Celebrating Elvin Jones in this months Modern Drummer

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    Don’t miss Doug Wimbish on tour backing Schiller

    27.09.16 Dresden
    28.09.16 Rostock
    29.09.16 Hamburg
    30.09.16 Hannover

    01.10.16 Köln
    02.10.16 Bielefeld
    03.10.16 Erfurt
    05.10.16 Oberhausen

    06.10.16 Frankfurt
    07.10.16 Mannheim
    08.10.16 Stuttgart
    09.10.16 Freiburg

    10.10.16 Zürich
    12.10.16 München
    13.10.16 Leipzig
    14.10.16 Berlin

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