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    Activision has revealed new information regarding Guitar Hero 3 including tracks, online play, and wireless guitars.

    Activision made the announcement that the next Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 3, will have original songs from groups such as the Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys, Tenacious D, Living Colour, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

    They also announced that the game will feature online play and wireless guitars.

    Here is the official track list thus far of the game that is set to release this fall for the holiday season. The report came during an earnings call.

    ‚ÄúCult of Personality‚Ä? by Living Colour
    ‚ÄúPaint It Black‚Ä? by the Rolling Stones
    ‚ÄúCherub Rock‚Ä? by Smashing Pumpkins
    ‚ÄúSabotage‚Ä? by Beastie Boys
    ‚ÄúThe Metal‚Ä? by Tenacious D
    ‚ÄúMy Name Is Jonas‚Ä? by Weezer
    ‚ÄúKnights of Cydonia‚Ä? by Muse
    ‚ÄúRock And Roll All Nite‚Ä? as made famous by Kiss
    ‚ÄúSchool‚Äôs Out‚Ä? as made famous by Alice Cooper
    ‚ÄúSlow Ride‚Ä? as made famous by Foghat ‚ÄúBarracuda‚Ä? as made famous by Heart

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