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    Living Colour packed more high-energy thrills into their 40-minute opening set than most acts can manage in triple that time. All four members of the band are virtuosos; between guitarist Vernon Reid’s fret-obliterating leads, singer Corey Glover’s rapid-fire scatting and dramatic high notes, drummer Will Calhoun’s flashy fills and former Sugarhill bassist Doug Wimbish’s popping and tapping, the amount of instrumental skill on display at any given moment was mind-boggling. Yet none of them ever lapsed into self-indulgence, instead using their combined abilities to push the music to explosive heights. Covers of Talking Heads, The Notorious B.I.G., Prince and Junior Murvin showed off the band’s ability to give any song the Living Colour treatment, in which funk, heavy metal and hardcore punk are forced to coexist in harmony. By the time they closed with “Cult of Personality,” Glover taking a victory lap around the crowd as he sang, Living Colour had made a solid case for being the most underrated band of the alt-rock era.

    ( full story here: http://tastemakersmag.com/reviews/show-reviews/2016/show-review-janes-addiction-blue-hills-bank-pavilion-7-19-16/ )

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