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    In keeping with the spirit of The Chair In The Doorway, Living Colour would like to incorporate video footage that was shot by fans at their October 30th, 2009 Highline Ballroom show in New York City. We’re looking for fan perspective video that was shot during any portion of the show (including Doug’s bass solo in the audience). This footage will potentially be included in the upcoming DVD production of that show. Fans are encouraged to contact and submit their footage to ckliment@kajacircle.com.

    Though HD and Standard definition are the preferred formats, the band is open to all footage regardless of format. Video that was captured in any digital format that can be copied and sent via DVD or CD ROM is preferred, although arrangements for uploading/downloading can also be made. All selected video will be credited in the final DVD, based on info provided in the materials release form, which must be filled out as part of your submission.

    Please contact Charles Kliment ckliment@kajacircle.com directly to follow-up and for materials release coordination, and thanks in advance!

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