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    thanks FEDERICO

    Living Colour live in Argentina
    Willie Dixon(Rosario)
    Sunday,August 26th,2007

    NOTE: I Can’t confirm if they played the songs in this order or if the setlist it’s complete.I WASN’T THERE)

    1-Middle Man
    3-(Doug Wimbish intro)Wall
    4-Funny Vibe
    5-Open Letter(To a Lanlord)
    6-(Vernon Reid intro)Memories Can’t Wait
    7-Papa was a Rolling Stone
    8-Glamour Boys
    9-Go Away
    10-Bless Those
    11-Elvis is dead
    12-Love Rears It’s Ugly Head
    13-Time’s Up
    14-Cult of personality
    15-Should I Stay Or should I Go
    16-What’s your favorite color ?
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    By the way, the setlist from Rio (August 31st)was pretty much the same as Sao Paulo. The sequence may not be exactly this.

    – Type
    – Desperate people
    – Midle man
    – Wall
    – Funny vibe
    – Memories
    – Open letter
    – Papa Was a Rolling Stone/Glamour boys
    – Sacred ground
    – Go away
    – Bless those
    – Elvis is dead
    – Flying
    – Love hears
    – Times up
    – Cult of personality
    – Should I stay
    – Crosstown trafic

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    Sao Paulo review 30th August

    OK, we all know how great the guys are on stage. But
    this time was awesome!!! I got the feeling that I´ve
    never heard Corey´s voice that good.

    The band tried to start with Desperate People but
    Corey´s mic wasn´t working. They started again and
    then Will had some problems. The guys looked at each
    other and decided to skip that song, so the real first
    song was Type.

    That was followed by a sequence of smash hits and
    Corey was a sort of firestarter. He was wearing a Che
    Guevara t-shirt by the way.

    The new song is great. Corey said with a little
    sarcasm “this is a new song, that will be on our next
    record, as soon as we record it”. If the other songs
    will be as surprising as Bless Those, I dare say that
    the new album may be better than Collideoscope.

    The setlist (if I remember the sequence correctly):

    Type/Police and Thieves
    Middle Man
    Funny Vibe
    Open Letter
    Sacred Ground
    Memories Can´t Wait
    Papa Was a Rolling Stone (amazing version!)
    Glamour Boys
    Elvis is Dead
    Bless Those
    Go Away
    Desperate People (now it worked!)
    Time´s Up
    Love Rears Its Ugly Head
    Sunshine Of Your Love
    Should I Stay Or Should I Go

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