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    Hilly Kristal, the founder of legendary New York punk-rock venue CBGB, died Tuesday from complications from lung cancer at age 75.

    Not only was CBGB’s a landmark to NYC and the music world as a whole, it provided a first stage for many bands. Among them were The Talking Heads, Blondie, The Ramones and four cats from Brooklyn and the Bronx who called themselves Living Colour. Hilly’s contribution to the music world can hardly be summed up in a few brief paragraphs. His life long love of music and musicians can never be replaced and he will be sorely missed. Hilly and CBGB itself are now a fond memory but to know that the man and the place at least once existed brings a smile to our faces.

    Rest in Peace Hilly. We miss you Brother.

    Peace, CG

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    Thank you Fredirico!

    Living Colour live in Argentina

    The Roxy Club(Buenos Aires)

    Monday,August 27th,2007


    1-Desperate People
    2-(Doug Wimbish intro) Wall
    3-Middle Man
    4-Type/Police and Thieves
    5-Funny Vibe
    6-Open Letter(To a Landlord)
    7-(Vernon Reid intro) Memories Can’t Wait
    8-Papa Was a Rolling Stone
    9-Glamour Boys
    10-Go Away
    11-Bless Those
    13-Elvis Is Dead/Unchained Melody
    15-Drum Solo
    16-Love Rears It’s Ugly Head
    17-Time’s Up
    18-Cult Of Personality
    19-Sunshine Of Your Love

    Another amazing show in front of 1500 Argentinian fans.
    Over two hours of set.

    Corey Glover was brillant.I think the whole band is now playing better than ever.

    Before “Go Away” Vernon Reid said to the audience:”Thanks for your support all over the years,we appreciate it”.The band came to Buenos Aires since 1993.

    There were fantastic versions:”Open Letter(To a Lanlord)”(FANTASTIC)
    “Bless Those”(I really like that one)
    “Elvis Is Dead”(During this song Corey Glover sung a part of “Unchained Melody”)
    “Flying”(Superb;Corey sung Seal’s “Crazy”,just like last friday.Wimbish bass solo is out of this world).
    “Sunshine Of Your Love”(Unbelievable,trust me. Vernon’s guitar solos for this song were fantastic).

    A great show.A great band.

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    Thu 08/30/07 – Sao Paulo, BRAZIL @ Via Funchal
    Fri 08/31/07 – Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL @ Circo Voador

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