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    (thanks Rene!)

    Middle Man
    Funny Vibe
    Doug’s electronics into Walls
    Sacred Ground
    Vernon’s blues into Memories
    Papa Was a rolling Stone
    Glamour Boys
    Go Away (year after year we talk and nothing happens!)
    Bless Those
    Drum solo
    Flying with fragments of “American Skin (41 shots)”
    Love Rears Its Ugly Head
    Time’s Up
    Cult of Personality
    Jam with lines of What’s Your Favouite Colour

    Half an hour before kick-off, only two hundred people or so were present. I was embarrassed, though I could imagine such a show-up at Helmond (of all places) during holiday season. To my relief, the venue was rather packed during the show, which was announced energetically, and the crowd was responsive.

    The band was on steam (It’s Saturday, do you wanna party?) and they played great. Especially Corey doing fragments of American skin gave me such a weird feeling. Firstly, the words “you get killed just for living” during this 9-11 song Flying. Secondly, my remembrance of the 2001 show @ Cologne. That night, the band performed the full song, building it up layer on layer, and apocalypsing with Will hamering 41 times on his drums and Corey crying on stage. And with him many people. After the song, ALL people were quiet – no more “we want more’s”. Never had such a serene moment in my life before.

    Furtermore, the improvisation on Papa was a Rolling Stone was some kind of serious joke, since it was Mick who pushed the band. And I had difficulty in sorting out the intro of Sacred Ground. It might as well have been In your Name, too, though Nader got it right ๐Ÿ˜‰

    After the show, the band came out to sign the dvd and Will’s new cd+dvd Native Lands. And for a chat! Oh boy, what a night ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace, Renรฉ

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    • jul

    Living Colour – Sacred Ground (clip)

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    • jul

    Well it turns out that the place was packed wall to wall after all, which is good because it means they will be back.

    It was a great gig, some of the audience was a little tired, including me as I was a bid ill, so there was not the normal Moshing I have seen at all the London gigs.

    The Setlist was :

    Middle Man
    Funny Vibe
    Memories Can’t Wait
    Sacred Ground
    Glamour Boys
    Go away
    Bless those (a new song by Doug and a very good song Doug said it will
    be on the new album)
    Ignorance is Bliss
    A drum solo (there was naturally more then one drum solo and a base
    solo and a guitar solo in there somewhere)

    On core
    Love Rears its ugly head
    a Jam and then
    Times Up

    (thanks Darren)

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