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    January 26th-29th, 2006

    Will Calhoun’s “Native Lands” performances at the Blue Note in NYC


    Will Calhoun: Drums, Loops, Ambient Percussion
    Greg Osby: Saxophones
    Orrin Evans: Piano, Keyboards
    Corey Wilkes: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
    Mark Kelly: Bass

    Blue Note
    131 W 3rd St. NYC

    Visit the Blue Note Web site or call the box office at 212-475-8592 for show times and additional details.

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    thanks joe mama!

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    Living Colour played to a sold out World Cafe LIVE crowd in Philadelphia. Here’s what we remember :

    Memories Can’t Wait
    Desperate People
    Type (police and theives)
    [the rest of the order escapes me]
    middle man
    funny vibe
    in your name
    sacred ground
    open letter
    glamour boys (corey brought his kid up on stage and sang w/ him)
    go away
    either way (bless those)
    ignorance is bliss
    drum solo
    times up
    cult of personality

    love rears
    tomorrow never knows-nova

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