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    • jan

    Back to the future

    New Van Halen, Santana, Johnny Winter, and Living ColoĆ¼r collections trace the evolution of guitar heroics


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    • jan

    Kerrang review of Living Colour Live at CBGB’s 19/12/89

    KKKK out of KKKKK

    Proof that not all Funk Metal sucked

    Come the late 80’s, heavy metal was easy to categorise either you

    were a glammed-up hair rocker, or a thrash metal titan. Then Living

    Colour emerged with a bold third way that blended metal, funk, rap

    and jazz (along with a bit of social commentary). In 1989, flushed

    with the success of their classic debut, `Vivid’, and a Rolling

    s=Stones stadium tour, the group returned to their birthplace, New

    York’s CBGB’s, for a surprise gig. Mixing favourites with tracks

    that would appear a year later on `Times Up’ Living Colour are on

    fire throughout, saluing their roots with a fierce cover of the Bad

    Brains’ Sailin On’,as well as such RATM prototypes as `Cult of

    Personality’ and `Pride’.

    Down Load Cult of Personality

    For Fans of RATM, Bad Brains

    Kerrang reviewer Greg Prato

    thanks darren

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    • jan

    Bid on EBAY to Karaoke with Corey Glover

    Proceeds Benefit After-School All-Stars Charity

    LC’s management says it is legitimate

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