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    July 12th – Vernon Reid and Masque @ Borderline setlist

    Side Winder

    Psychic friend

    National anthem

    The Slouch

    Known Unknown

    Strange Blessing

    CP Time

    The Projects

    Brilliant Corners

    Enjoy the Silence (which I loved)


    Now at this point Vernon gave the crowd a choice of 1 2 or 3

    1. Outskirts

    2. Voo doo Pimp Stroll

    3. Bitter sweet symphony

    The crowd went for 2 and 3 so never heard Outskirts.

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    • jul

    Masque Review – @ Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands

    (thanks Ferdinand!)

    WOW!!!! What a gig last night, small venue, small crowd but a Vernon in a very relaxed and good mood. 105 minutes of fusion, reggae & rock. A very soulful balad version of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the silence, and the encore was a cover of The Verve, bitter sweet symphony. To all of ya who plan to see a Masque show later this tour: GO!! You will enjoy it!


    National anthem

    The slouch

    Psychic friend

    Known unknown

    Brilliant corners

    CP time

    The projects

    Enjoy the silence

    Kigaly & freetown


    Flatbush & church


    Voodoo pimp stroll

    Bitter sweet symphony

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    TackHead back in effect

    Doug Wimbish is part of TackHead. Check out the new and updated site for TackHead, and be on the lookout for a TackHead date in your area soon!

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